Lesson Plans: October 8th – 12th

Monday – Introduction to new unit: Earth’s Energy Resources.
Lesson and notes on how fossil fuels came to be.

Tuesday – Lesson and notes on the different types and uses of fossil fuels.

Wednesday –  Lesson and notes on the issues of fossil fuels.

Thursday – Alternative energies; solar and wind.

Friday – Alternative energies; hydroelectric and geothermal.

*Next week we will start a project on alternative energies and students will need to purchase a poster board.

Lesson Plans: September 24th – 28th

Monday – Density lesson and notes. Practice questions will be assigned off of Discovery  Education website.

Tuesday – Minerals lesson and notes. Practice questions off of Discovery Education.

Wednesday – Begin Mineral Mania assignment (Student Early Release Day).

Thursday – Continue Mineral Mania assignment.

Friday – Mineral properties lab

Lesson Plans: September 4th – 7th

Tuesday – Discovery Education Lesson & Practice Assessment on Molecules and Compounds (Element Assignment Due).

Wednesday – Discovery Education Lesson & Practice Assessment on Molecules and Compounds (continued).

Thursday – Begin Balancing Act Handout Assignment

Friday – Finish Balancing Act Assignment (Discovery Education Practice Assessments due).

Lesson Plans: August 27th – 31st

Monday – Atomic Structure Worksheet due. Begin taking notes on Molecules & Chemical Reactions.

Tuesday – Complete notes and lecture on Molecules & Chemical Reactions.

Wednesday –  Begin Molecules & Chemical Reaction Activity.

Thursday – Continue working on Molecules & Chemical Reaction Activity.

Friday – Finish Molecules and Chemical Reaction Activity.

Lesson Plans: August 20th – 24th

Monday – Please make sure you have your composition book as we will be setting up our Table of Contents and the Periodic Table that goes inside it.

Tuesday – Introduction to our online text book using DiscoveryEducation.com

Wednesday – We will begin our first unit, Matter and Energy, and take notes in our composition book on the atomic structure and elements.

Thursday – Atomic Structure Activity: Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons.

Friday – Atomic Structure Activity continued.