January 13

Lesson Plans: January 13th – 17th

Monday – Watch Fearless Planet: Grand Canyon video.

Tuesday – We will learn how compression over time creates sedimentary rock, and take a look at some practice questions together over this concept.

Wednesday – We will take a look at a reading passage, Sedimentary Mars, and see how the Mar’s rover transmits evidence of sedimentary rock. How is this possible and what implications does such a discovery have?

Thursday – We will learn how heat and pressure deep within the Earth can alter their chemical and physical properties, creating metamorphic rock.

Friday – We will learn how igneous rocks are produced after they are emitted from Earth.

January 6

Lesson Plans: January 7th – 10th

Tuesday – Introduce Unit 6: Structure and Processes of the Earth.  In this unit we will be learning about the Earth’s structure based off of its chemical composition and physical properties. We will also be learning about the 3 different types of rocks (sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous) the rock cycle, plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes.

We will also begin Unit 6 Vocabulary located on Vocabulary.com. This assignment will be due January 13th.

Wednesday – Begin learning about the Earth’s layers based on chemical composition, characteristics, and how they change over time. Students will draw their own model to illustrate the different layers.  We will also look at some practice questions to go along with this concept.

Thursday – We will look at how the Earth has different parts with different physical properties. Scientists divide these into 5 main layers: the lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere, outer core, and inner core.  Again, students will draw a model to illustrate  the different layers, and we will go over some practice questions dealing with this concept.

Friday – As a class we will work through an exploration assignment called Structure of the Earth. We will explore how the layers work together to create oceans, build mountains, and cause earthquakes and volcanoes.


December 9

Lesson Plans: December 9th – 13th

Monday – We will learn about Radiation, a process by which energetic electromagnetic waves move from one place to another.

Tuesday – Begin reviewing for our Unit 5: Transfer of Energy Test.  Review will be due on Wednesday.

Wednesday – Grade and go over review. Study for Unit 5 Test with class competition.

ThursdayUnit 5: Transfer of Energy Test

Friday – Video assignment with questions in journal.

November 23

Lesson Plans: December 2nd – 6th

Monday – We will begin Unit 5: Transfer of Energy by looking at the Conservation of Energy, and how energy can never be created nor destroyed. It can only change its form from one type to another.

Tuesday – We will cover Conduction, which is the process by which heat or electricity is transmitted through a substance when there is a difference in temperature.  We will also learn how different objects conduct heat.

*Vocabulary assignments for Unit 5 have been assigned on Vocabulary.com and will be due by Friday, December 13th.

Wednesday – We will continue learning about the process of Conduction with a class exploration assignment called Heat on the Move.  This will be for a daily grade.

Thursday – We will begin looking at how energy transfers through the process of Convection. Heat energy is transferred in this process through the movement of air, water, or even solid rock.

Friday – We will continue learning about Convection by looking at how a heater warms a room through convection currents.

November 16

Lesson Plans: November 18th – 22nd

Parents/Guardians:  I will need your help with providing either a trifold or poster board for your child by this Wednesday or Thursday if you can please.  I realize this is not a lot of notice, so if you are unable to do so that is fine. I will not count it against your child.

This week we will revisit Unit 3: Earth’s Energy Resources, and begin a week-long class project (test grade) on fossil fuels and alternative energies.  Students will first choose a city, state, or country of their liking, and begin researching the different alternative energy programs that particular area has established. This will also include learning about the fossil fuel consumption within the chosen area. Once students have gathered a sufficient amount of information they will design a layout of how they want to present the information.  This will need to be on either a trifold or poster board. Once their rough draft has been approved they will then complete their project by designing their display.


Monday – Begin researching different areas to see what kind of alternative energies are being used in that location, and what kind of programs are setup to cut back on the burning of fossil fuels.

*Students will have to decide on a location by the end of class.

Tuesday – Continue researching chosen area, writing down notes to include on final display. With permission, students will begin working on rough draft.

Wednesday – Finish research notes, rough draft, and look to begin working on trifold/poster board.

Thursday – Complete trifold/poster board display.

Friday – Present projects to class for a test grade.


November 9

Lesson Plans: November 11th – 15th

Monday – Finish lesson on Inclined Planes with notes and practice assessment.

Tuesday – Begin Unit 4: Force, Motion, and Energy Test Review.  This will be due and graded at the beginning of class on Thursday.

Wednesday – Grade Unit 4 Test Review and play Bball Review.

*Reminder parents/guardians: Student’s will receive bonus points for getting their review signed.

Thursday – Unit 4: Force, Motion, and Energy Test.

Friday – Video assignment and questions.

November 4

Lesson Plans: November 4th – 8th

Monday – Students will learn about frame of reference, that is the motion of an object described relative to the observer or other objects. For example, people on a train may not appear to move compared to one another, however, compared to people walking on the street, the people on the train are traveling quickly.

  • We will complete On the Move Exploration assignment together as a class.

Tuesday – Students will learn about net force, that is the resulting force determined by combining all of the forces acting on an object.

Wednesday – We will begin learning about simple machines, starting with the pulley.  A pulley consists of a wheel overlaid with a rope to change the direction of the pull used for lifting a load.

  • Reading assignment Put Pulleys to the Test on Epic.
  • Pulleys at Work Exploration assignment on Discovery. Due Friday, Nov. 8th.

Thursday – We will continue learning about simple machines focusing on inclined planes. An inclined plane is an even sloping surface or ramp.  It works by gradually increasing the height over distance making it easier to move loads from a lower to higher elevation.

Friday – Simple Machines video assignment and lab.


October 27

Lesson Plans: October 28th – November 1st

Monday – We will introduce Unit 4: Force, Motion, and Energy.  The first concept we will be learning is Kinetic & Potential Energy. Students will also begin Unit 4 Vocabulary assignments on Vocabulary.com.

Tuesday – As a class we will walk through an online practice together, Moving On Exploration. We will observe the changing energy conditions as a ball is dropped from different heights.

Wednesday – Early release. We will have a short video assignment with questions to answer in our journal as we go through assignment.

Thursday – We will look at what determines the direction of a moving object, how you can change the direction of that moving object, and how the velocity of that moving object is different than its speed.

Friday – Toy car lab. Students will analyze the motion of toys by answering the following questions:

  • How did the car start to move?
  • What was the push or pull?
  • What direction did the toy travel?
  • Did it change direction? Why?
  • What happened just before the car stopped moving?
  • What do you think made the car stop?
  • What happened when more force was applied to the car?
October 21

Lesson Plans: October 22nd – 25th

Tuesday – We will take a look at Nuclear Energy and some of the dangers that go along with harnessing it.

Wednesday – Begin Unit 3: Earth’s Energy Resources Test Review.  This will be due and graded at the beginning of class on Thursday.

Thursday – Grade Unit 3 Test Review and play Bball Review!

*Reminder parents/guardians: Student’s will receive bonus points for getting their review signed and/or submitting a funny ENERGY STAR appliance photo before Friday’s test.


Friday –  Unit 3: Earth’s Energy Resource Test.  This will be the first test grade of the new 9 weeks grading period.  Please study and do your best!