Lesson Plans: April 15th – 18th

Monday – Lesson and notes on the features and naming of newly discovered organisms.  Scientists give them Latin names according to their traits, the area where they were found, or the scientist who found them. Practice questions due this Thursday.

TEKS 12.E – recognize that the broadest taxonomic classification of living organisms is divided into currently recognized domains.

Tuesday – Lesson and notes on populations.  Scientists can study a species and tell when there are a healthy number of individuals.  Many factors influence whether there are too many or too few in the species; either can have disastrous results.  Practice questions will be due this Thursday.

TEKS 12.F – diagram the levels of organization within an ecosystem, including organism, population, community, and ecosystem.

Wednesday & Thursday – Lesson and notes on pollution, the contamination of the environment with substances, noise, or light, that are harmful to living organisms. Scientists detect and monitor pollution by conducting tests and by observing impacts on organisms. Planning and preventative measures can stop pollution.

TEKS 12.E – describe biotic and abiotic parts of an ecosystem in which organisms interact.

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