Lesson Plans: August 27th – 31st

Monday – Atomic Structure Worksheet due. Begin taking notes on Molecules & Chemical Reactions.

Tuesday – Complete notes and lecture on Molecules & Chemical Reactions.

Wednesday –  Begin Molecules & Chemical Reaction Activity.

Thursday – Continue working on Molecules & Chemical Reaction Activity.

Friday – Finish Molecules and Chemical Reaction Activity.

Lesson Plans: August 20th – 24th

Monday – Please make sure you have your composition book as we will be setting up our Table of Contents and the Periodic Table that goes inside it.

Tuesday – Introduction to our online text book using DiscoveryEducation.com

Wednesday – We will begin our first unit, Matter and Energy, and take notes in our composition book on the atomic structure and elements.

Thursday – Atomic Structure Activity: Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons.

Friday – Atomic Structure Activity continued.

Welcome Parents and Students

My name is Coach Bohn.  I am the sixth grade Science teacher and 7th grade girls Athletics coach.  I am really excited for this new group of 6th graders I get to teach.

Thursday and Friday we will be getting to know each other a little better, and I will be going over my classroom expectations.  Starting next week, we will begin our first unit on Matter and Energy.

Please subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already as I will be updating it weekly to inform everyone of the upcoming week’s lesson plans. Thank you and may God bless us all in this new school year!